The Achieve challenge is on, thanks to a brilliant idea from an Achiever.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Join the Achieve challenge and save up to 1,000 Ghana cedis by the end of November.
  2. When you start your challenge, create a post and tag as many people as you can to match your 1k or more by the end of November. Take and add a screenshot of your goal to your post.
  3. Here’s the juicy part: Five (5) users with the highest number of referrals who have also completed the challenge by end of November will win 1k each


  1. Download and use the @theachieveapp GOALS feature for this challenge.
  2. Tag @theachieveapp and add your username or referral link to your post so that we can track your progress. Referrals who signup without your username will not to attributed to you.
  3. The Achieve challenge will run from now till the end of November. #thisdecembernoslacking
  4. You can share your post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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