Develop good saving habits with our 3-month savings challenge

Developing good saving habits matter and are very crucial to meeting your financial goals. One good way to build a good saving habit is to find ways to make saving fun. For instance, you can say to yourself that every day on your way to work or in town, you will save GHC 100 if you see and count ten (10) black or blue cars.

Doing this makes pursuing your saving goals fun and can provide that extra boost of motivation if you’ve fallen behind or even fallen off completely. It also challenges you to save money that you would have otherwise spent. Over time this behaviour goes beyond making your saving fun to helping you build a habit of consistent saving.

The good thing about saving regularly is (mentioning a few below):

  • It makes you more confident in the face of financial emergencies;
  • It helps you achieve your financial goals faster; and
  • Makes it easier to raise seed money to start your business.

If you need to save some extra cash or build up your savings habit, keep reading. This is a great way to get started! Let’s get into how our 3-month savings challenge works.

What is the 3-month savings challenge?

The 3-month savings challenge is when you save a certain amount of money each week for three (3) months. If you keep up with it and follow through, you will have saved GHC 1,000 or more at the end of the three (3) months.

We encourage all existing and potential users to participate in this challenge to help you realize your savings potential and build a habit of saving regularly. Good Luck!

NB: Target amount is GHC 1,000, but you can set a higher target if you can consistently save to reach it.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Download the Achieve app here and sign up with a valid email address. Select DigiSave from the Achieve homepage and subscribe by filling the DigiSave subscription form.
  2. After subscribing, select “Goals” from the Achieve home page and select “Add Goals” to create a goal account for this challenge. Enter “Achieve SC” as the goal name, GHC 1,000 as the target amount and select “Weekly” under the payment frequency field. End date should be November 30, 2021.  Select “Proceed” to complete your challenge account setup. (You will get a recommended weekly amount at the bottom of your screen. This will serve  as a guide in determining how much you have to pay every week to complete this challenge.)
  3. Congratulations! You are all set and ready to begin.
  4. Your Challenge is to spell the Challenge Word for each month by saving your recommended weekly amount in step 2 every week. The monthly challenge word can be accessed from the Word Table below.
  5. In September for instance, the challenge word is HABIT. This means that for week one, you will start with the alphabet H by making your first payment for the week. In week two, you will add the alphabet A after your second payment, in the third week, you will add the alphabet B after your third payment, etc. You will have to repeat this behavior in October and November using the words “ DREAM” & “ QUEEN”.

NB: You will receive a badge at the end of each month after successfully completing that month’s challenge. 

Word Table (Spell the word corresponding to each month by saving your recommended weekly amount every week)

Challenge Month Challenge Word
September HABIT
October DREAM
November QUEEN
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