Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Achieve app?

The Achieve app is a Ghanaian based digital platform that partners with licensed fund managers to provide you with safe investment products to help you achieve your financial goals. With the Achieve app, you can easily invest from the comfort of your phone or tablet without physically going to an investment institution or going through difficult processes and paperwork.

How do I start saving through the Achieve app?

Saving through the Achieve app is simple and convenient. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps below;

  • Download and install the Achieve app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Please create an account and subscribe to any of our financial products that suit you.
  • Set up and activate your mobile money wallet to make payments and receive withdrawals.
  • Alternatively, you can use your Visa or MasterCard details to make payments from your bank account.
  • Start contributing, and your money will be automatically invested for you by the fund manager.

What do I need to activate my account on Achieve?

To start saving through the Achieve app, you need the following:

  • A valid email address;
  • A valid phone number;
  • A valid identification card –  Voter ID, Passport, Driver License, SSNIT card or National ID 
  • Personal information; and
  • The first name, other names, date of birth and phone number of your next-of-kin.

Your next-of-kin is your closest living relative. The next-of-kin relationship is important to determine who will inherit your investment(s) if you die without a will. The information provided will be used to verify the person you choose.

Are there charges for making payment?

No! it is completely FREE. There are no charges when you pay or withdraw using your mobile money wallet.

How secure is my money?

At Achieve, we operate in partnership with fund management companies and other financial institutions who are licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). Additionally, all funds are held for safekeeping with a bank duly registered and licensed by the Bank of Ghana.


What is DigiSave?

DigiSave is Achieve’s maiden offering. It invests in the Plus Income Fund – an open-ended mutual fund managed by Blackstar Advisors (“The Fund Manager”) and held with Stanbic Bank for safe keeping.

A mutual fund is a kind of investment that uses money from a pool of investors to invest in securities such as fixed deposits, equities/shares/stocks, treasury bills, bonds or other types of investment. A fund manager decides how to invest the money, and for that he is paid a management fee, which comes from the money in the fund. One great thing about investing in a mutual fund is that, it doesn’t matter your contribution amount, everyone in the fund enjoys the same return percentage-wise. Despite the above, your interest will be more if you have GHC 20,000 in the fund compared to another investor who has GHC 5,000 but in percentage terms, both will earn the same rate. (Source : Investopedia)

How much do I need to start investing in DigiSave?

You can invest from as low as Ghc. 10. Achieve does not have a fixed time of investment. You can top-up your investment or withdraw at any time.

How do I make a deposit into my DigiSave account?

​To deposit money into your DigiSave account, you must first ensure that you have added a mobile money wallet to your account. After doing so, kindly follow the steps below to make a deposit;
1. On the Achieve home screen, select ‘DigiSave’
2. On the DigiSave dashboard, select ‘Deposit’
3. Enter Amount
4. Select the ‘Wallet’ to deposit from, and
5. Select ‘Proceed’
You will receive a prompt from your network provider and be required to enter your secret mobile money pin to confirm.
Kindly note that contributions are invested within 48hours after receipt of payment.

When can I withdraw after making a payment?

You can withdraw a payment after three (3) working days of making that payment. However, we advise that you keep your money invested for a longer period in order to earn more as financial markets perform better over time.

How do I make a withdrawal from my DigiSave account?

To withdraw money from your DigiSave account, please ensure that you have enabled withdrawals on your wallet.
To enable withdrawal;
1. Select the wallet you want to withdraw into
2. Check the ‘Enable Withdrawals’ box
3. Enter your Achieve app login password.
4. Save your changes.

Kindly follow the steps below make a withdrawal;
1. On the Achieve home screen, select ‘DigiSave’
2. On the DigiSave dashboard, select ‘Withdraw’
3. Enter Amount
4. Select the ‘Wallet’ to withdraw into, and
5. Select ‘Proceed’
Kindly note that contributions are invested within 48hours after receipt of payment.

If I deposit money into my DigiSave account, what next?

The moment you deposit your money and it reflects, the fund manager takes charge of your money and invests on your behalf.

Do you provide fixed interest rates & how long does it take before I start getting interest or profits on my investments?

Achieve neither provides a specific period for getting interest on your investment nor guarantees a fixed interest rate on your investment.

Your DigiSave contributions are automatically invested in the Plus Income fund: a regulated mutual fund managed by Black Star Advisors. Mutual funds have an infinite lifespan and as a result cannot guarantee a fixed investment return during the period of your investment.

Achieve also partners with SEC regulated and licensed fund managers who have the responsibility of managing/investing your contributions and calculating your interest. The fund manager for DigiSave is Black Star Advisors ( and Stanbic Bank acts as a safekeeping bank.
Per the mutual fund regulations, your earnings are calculated daily and you can either top-up your investment or withdraw at any time. As a basic principle of investing, the more you invest and longer it stays invested, the more you earn if financial markets also perform well. You can view these earnings on the dashboard of the Achieve app.

When can I withdraw and how long does it take to receive my money?

DigiSave does not come with any lock-in or fixed periods so you can withdraw at any time.
You can also withdraw any amount, and the withdrawal is processed within one (1) working day of putting in your request. For instance, while saving towards your building project, you can easily withdraw using your phone and receive your money into your mobile money wallet within one (1) working day to cover an emergency*.
*This excludes holidays and weekends. Withdrawal requests received on holidays or weekends will be deemed to have been received on a working day and processed within one (1) working day.

Can I experience a loss on my DigiSave account?

You can experience a loss on your investment anytime financial markets perform poorly.
The good news is that DigiSave offers you (shareholders) automatic diversification*, which benefits your investment portfolio in the following ways;
-Reduces the impact of financial market losses on your investments.
-Increases your chance of earning a high return on your investments with little risk.

*Diversification means a mixture of investments (e.g. Treasury Bills, Government Bonds, Fixed Deposits, collective investment schemes etc.) that respond differently to changes in financial market conditions.

Can I lose some of the principal money I invest?

You can either lose some of your interest or a portion of your principal investment. However, it’s refreshing to note that the fund has never recorded a loss in a 12-month cycle since it started.
This is mainly because of the high level of expertise demonstrated by the fund manager in managing your funds.


Why should I complete my subscription details?

The details you provide on the subscription form guarantees the safety of your funds against fraud and impersonation. As a regulated investment product we are required to verify your identity to serve you best.

Why do I need to provide my annual income?

It is the duty of the fund manager to make investments that are suitable for you. Knowing your annual income guides decision making during investment to ensure this.

What is Next of Kin?

Your next-of-kin is your closest living relative who inherits your investment portfolio in case of any uncertainty. It is important to fill in their details correctly. We will contact this person if we are unable to contact you for a long time.

Why should I verify my ID?

Aside from being a regulatory requirement from the Securities and Exchanges Commission, you need to verify your ID to protect your account against Identity theft and fraud.

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